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Casework Specifications

Part 1 General

1.1 Intent - The intent of the following specifications is to provide a general outline of the standard NuLab Tech ResinTM casework product line.  NuLab reserves the right to make any specification and or warranty changes.

1.2 Materials - Tech ResinTM casework and work surfaces are guaranteed for a period of 1.5 years and hinges are supplied for the life of the cabinet. Any defects due to improper or abusive use will be excluded. In addition, routine cleaning and housekeeping practices should be performed for safety and to insure long lasting durability, appearance and service.

Part 2 Materials

2.1 All casework members are to be constructed of Tech ResinTM in thickness as outlined below. 

2.2 Drawer suspension system to be white epoxy coated steel. 

2.3 Hinges to be concealed, nickel-plated steel. Other finishes available at additional cost. 

2.4 All construction fasteners to be zinc plated.

Cabinet sides & bottoms 0.5"
Door & Drawer fronts 0.5"
Horizontal rail supports 1"
Drawer bottoms 0.125"
Drawer sides, front & back 0.375"
Base and wall cabinet backs 0.125"
Wall cabinet hanging and construction cleat 0.5" 
Casework shelves 0.5"

2.6 Component Material Colors

Interior of cabinet backs to be white. Remainder of cabinet interior to match exterior. Base and Wall cabinet edges, and support rails to be black.

Door and drawer fronts to be selected from our full compliment of colors. All edges to have a polished black finish. 

All interior and exterior colors to be chemically resistant as per our test result.

Part 3 Casework Construction

3.1 Each cabinet manufactured, shall be of mortise and tenon construction resulting in a premium style flush overlay unit. Casework shall be rigid and self-supporting, capable of interchangeable use in assembly or as a stand-alone cabinet. All vertical and horizontal members shall be keyed in, then pheno seal bonded and mechanically fastened. All exposed edges shall be sanded and polished to a satin smooth finish. Underside and toe space shall be enclosed and vermin proof. Base cabinet backs shall be removable and supplied at cupboard units only. Full base cabinet bottoms to be supplied at cupboard units only.

3.2 Doors shall be squared edged with a slight radius overlay design. Doors shall have a .125" reveal horizontally and vertically as well as a .125" vertical reveal at the ends of the cabinets.

3.3 Drawer body shall be full box construction. Sides, front and back to be Premium Grade Lock Shoulder construction and screwed together on the sides. Material to be 3/8" Thick white Tech Resin. Bottoms of sides, front and back shall be grooved to accept 1/8" Thick white Tech ResinTM bottom. Drawer fronts are finished similar to doors and shall be screwed on from the back. All drawers shall have self-closing action with a 120 LB. load capacity. Drawer stops to be designed to permit easy removal of drawer, yet prevent inadvertent drawer removal. Drawer shall also have a positive open feature allowing for easy loading of drawer.

3.4 Hinges shall be heavy-duty commercial grade. Hinges to be concealed type. Material of hinges to be nickel-plated. Field adjustment of hinges shall be incorporated in its design.

3.5 Door and drawer pulls to be brushed aluminum. Pulls to be mounted with two screws secured from inside. Additional style pulls available upon request.

3.6 Sides of cabinets to be drilled to accept shelf clips. All shelves to be adjustable on 1.25" increments.

3.7 All base cabinets to have non-rusting, adjustable, polystyrene leg levelers attached to the underside of the toe space. Adjusting of levelers shall be from outside the cabinet. The inside bottom of the cabinet shall be free from penetrations, allowing for easy cleaning of the bottom as well as containing any spills and not allowing liquids to fall under the cabinet on to the floor.



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