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A regular schedule of maintenance is the most effective means to prolong the surface life and attractiveness of all Tech ResinTM casework and work surfaces for many years. 

Clean up spills immediately.  Do not allow reagents to remain in contact with working surface longer than necessary. 

Clean periodically with a mild non-abrasive detergent and warm water.  Mild cleaning solvents may be used for tough stains.

Blood labs and those under heavy bacterial contamination may possibly require clean up several times a day.

After cleaning and removal of stains or deposits, some type of cosmetic dressing material such as WD40 may be applied to renew the original appearance of the work surface.

Place super heated glassware, tubing, crucibles and hot plates on insulating or heat dispersion pads.  Likewise, when working with extremely cold temperatures, use insulating or dispersion pads.

In the event that any part of the working surface is damaged by temperature extremes, chemical spills or unusual physical abuse, such areas should be replaced or repaired promptly to prevent further damage and provide maximum service.

Protect surface during installation.  Never allow tradesman to walk on surface or use it as a workbench or scaffold.  NuLab has the right to disclaim any responsibility for surface damage to work surface from tradesman after installation and before acceptance.



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