We’re adjusting our Cacoo for Business pricing on April 11th

Cacoo for Business’s pricing plan will soon better reflect the value users get from the tool as well as introduce enhanced features including unlimited diagrams and unlimited project folders. Our new pricing will also give the Cacoo development team more resources to put towards creating all the great new features we are working on.

Who does this price change effect?

New Cacoo for Business customers and those wanting to upgrade before the price increase. This change will NOT affect Plus or Enterprise level subscribers.

Existing Cacoo for Business customers who want to maintain their level of service will be exempt from this price increase. As long as you do not change your level of service, you can keep your current plan price forever.

I want to upgrade! Can I still take advantage of your old pricing?

Yes! You can click this link to upgrade anytime before 0:00 am UTC on April 11th to lock in our old pricing.

What happens when I renew my current plan?

All existing Cacoo for Business customers will be exempt from this price increase. As long as you’re renewing at the same tier, you’ll pay the same price you always have.

If you decide to renew at a different tier of service after our April 11th price change, you’ll be subject to the new pricing plan.

What dates do I need to remember?

We’re changing our pricing on April 11th, which means you need to upgrade before 0:00 am UTC on April 11th in order to take advantage of our old pricing plan.

What if I’m happy with my plan as-is? Do I need to do anything?

Sit back and relax! You’re ahead of the curve. You’ll continue to receive the same tier of service for the same price you always have.

I’m on a free trial and ready to upgrade. Can I still lock in the old pricing?

You can; if you act fast! Upgrade using this link before 0:00 am UTC on April 11th to ensure you’re getting our old pricing.

How do I upgrade my Cacoo for Business plan?

Follow any of the upgrade links we’ve provided in this blog—here it is one more time! Or you can upgrade using the following instructions:

  1. Log in to your Cacoo account.
  2. Switch to your organization’s diagram list page. (Make sure you are NOT on your Private diagrams page.)
  3. Using the left-hand menu, click the gear icon to open your organization’s settings.
  4. Under the left-hand menu options, click ‘Plan,’ and you will be directed to your Nulab Account page where you can select a new plan option.

What is the new plan going to look like?


  • Unlimited diagrams
  • Unlimited project folders
  • Team management
  • Advanced security


Cacoo New Pricing USD

For most customers, upgrading after our deadline will be a modest price increase. Even so, you’ll want to act now to get the best Cacoo pricing possible. Decide which plan is right for you, and upgrade your Cacoo for Business account before 0:00 am UTC on April 11th to lock in the old pricing.

Have any questions or concerns? Contact us. We’re always here to help.

Happy diagramming,
Team Cacoo

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