The latest on iOS: Share message, topic, and tag URLs — and more!

It’s a good day to be an iOS user: we have lots of updates to announce! Now on Typetalk for iOS, you can:

Share messages, topics, tags, and more

We’ve released all of our latest sharing options on iOS. That means you can now copy and share:

  • The text of a message
  • A message’s URL
  • A topic’s URL
  • A tag’s URL

Just copy to your clipboard and share it with others within Typetalk or with external apps like your favorite task management app, note app, etc.


Reply to and like messages within notifications

When you get a notification on iOS, just long-tap and you can reply to and like messages right within your notification screen.


Quote messages

To quote someone’s message, long-tap the text and select “Quote.” Then the text will populate in quote syntax (>) within your new message.


You can also paste any copied text as a quote. This makes it easy to paste text from external apps easily as a quote. Just copy whatever text you want to share, tap your message box, and click “Paste as Quote.”

Paste as Quote

Upload high-quality images

Before now, images were automatically resized when uploading to prevent data overage and network issues. Now, you decide if and when you want to resize your uploaded images.

You can choose from the following image quality preferences:

  • Always Original
  • Original on Wi-FI / Resize on Cellular
  • Always Resize

Application Settings

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