atWare case study:

atWare saves time with Nulab Apps and Typetalk bots

Executive Summary

atWare uses all three of Nulab’s collaborative apps—Typetalk, Backlog, and Cacoo—to deliver high-quality solutions to their clients. Daily communication takes place in Typetalk where they coordinate efforts across teams. Using Typetalk’s open API, they have created unique tools, including a bot that controls the air conditioning!


When you’re working across a variety of apps, exporting and importing information is not only time-consuming but often gives you poor results.

They needed a solution that could help them communicate, manage projects, and share diagrams without the headache of working across apps that were incompatible.

Yuuki Asano
Yuuki Asano, Lead software engineer

“When we first started using Typetalk, functions were more paired down, but without compromising its mission Nulab has flexibly incorporated our feedback over the years.”

How Nulab Apps Helped

atWare started using Typetalk and Backlog in 2013 before taking both products company-wide in 2014. Then, they signed up for Cacoo as well.

With Nulab’s app ecosystem, atWare has been able to seamlessly coordinate efforts across teams and apps, saving everyone time and effort.

They use Typetalk for all of their internal communication, and they love coming up with creative bots using Typetalk’s open API.

Their favorite bot

One member of their development team created a bot that can adjust the air conditioning in the building.

The company air conditioners are managed by the building and usually turned off automatically at 7 pm. If you want to use them after hours, you need to fill out a form on their website, and their company only has one account that can’t be openly shared.

Using Typetalk’s API, the application form is now connected to Typetalk so that anyone can fill out a request.

You can apply by posting a message in the topic that includes words like “air conditioner, for now, extend.” For fun, they also incorporated image recognition so you can apply by pasting an image with the right keywords, too. They also use Typetalk's heart-shaped like button to adjust the length of extension according to the number of heart buttons pressed.

atWare is a software solutions and services company in Japan.
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