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How to demonstrate humility and attention on your team chat app



August 07, 2017

A recent Forbes article detailed some of the top soft skills Millennials need when entering the job force. Two of those traits—attention and humility—are especially vital to your growth as a professional. Luckily, your team chat app provides you with the perfect platform to showcase those soft skills.

Here is how you can showcase your attention and humility on your team chat app.

Demonstrating Attention

Recent findings indicate that office workers are distracting themselves at alarming rates. And our inability to focus on tasks is negatively impacting our lives at work and home. This may sound bleak, but it’s an opportunity.

With the decline of workplace attention spans, focus and attention have never been more in demand. What was once a basic ask of employers is now a sought-after soft skill. If you consistently demonstrate this trait to your team, you could set yourself apart as an invaluable member. Soft skills like this will become increasingly important as automation continues to replace many of the hard skills of the past.

So, don’t discount the impact of your next team chat discussion. Demonstrating your attention to detail will get you more recognition than you might think. Next time you are about to send a message, make sure you:

  • Post in the right category. Some teams have several threads and categories. You don’t want to drop your department’s latest success story into an ongoing project thread. Post to the right chat topic and tag your message when applicable.
  • Verify your information. Always double-check that the link or document you are attaching is the right one. The same goes for information. From data to addresses, no one likes getting the wrong numbers.
  • Edit your spelling and grammar. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we all make mistakes. If your message is worth your team’s time, consider reading it over once more so you put the correct message out.
  • Respond to everything asked of you. No one enjoys getting a partial answer to a pressing question. Unnecessary follow-ups aren’t fun for anyone.

If you struggle with this skill, consider exercises to improve your attention span. Ensuring that even the smallest details are correct the first time proves you’re a reliable team member. Don’t overlook this opportunity.

When it comes to your team, they deserve your complete attention, just as you deserve theirs.

Moreover, demonstrating proper attention is vital in any leadership role. If you are a Project or Team Manager, lead by example. Do you provide accurate, consistent answers to questions? Do you give complete, timely answers when asked? Exhibit the caliber of attention you want from your team, and they will follow.

Demonstrating Humility

A humble team member is always in high demand. John Baldoni explains in the Harvard Business Review: “[Humility’s] presence makes for a more harmonious and collaborative work environment because people feel they can share their ideas without fear of being ‘one-upped’ or put down.” Essentially, if a team practices humility, they are more likely to succeed as a collaborative unit.

The previously mentioned Forbes article lays out great ways to be more humble at work, such as not taking yourself too seriously, admitting when you don’t know an answer, and asking for help when needed.

Again, your team chat app is a great opportunity for demonstrating this soft skill. In addition to the actions already discussed, make sure you:

  • Give credit where credit is due. Always ensure your entire team gets credit for a job well done when completing a milestone or project. If you notice team members not receiving credit, call them out yourself!
  • Tag colleagues when giving credit. With so many messages flying by in a day, it’s easy to miss one singing your praise if you aren’t properly tagged.
  • Thank teammates for going the extra mile. If someone goes above and beyond, thank them in the appropriate team topic. A direct message isn’t always enough. You want to make sure your whole team recognizes how hard they’re working for the benefit of the group.

In addition to humility, these gestures show your commitment to your team and appreciation for their efforts. All it takes is a quick @mention to begin establishing yourself as a selfless teammate.

Small gestures add up and often indicate the potential of an excellent team leader. By acknowledging your limits, you let your team know you’re the kind of team player who isn’t afraid to be human.

While that is all well and good, remember that humility must be real. False humility can be just as problematic as no humility. Bear in mind that whether it is on the team chat app or around the office, be genuine. Don’t just type the words, show that you mean them.

Again, if you’re a team leader, the best way to encourage your team to be humble is to lead by example. Celebrate your team’s wins, give thanks, and credit everyone involved. Listen to your colleagues and factor their opinions into your decision-making whenever possible. Quality leadership requires a lot of humility.

Closing Thoughts

It may take some time to improve these soft skills, but your career and your team will be better for it. While your hard skills will evolve, fundamentals like humility and attention will always be valuable. Learning to adapt these skills to your team chat app will give you endless opportunities to prove yourself.



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