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Cacoo: A Visio alternative for collaborators

Brandi Gratis

Brandi Gratis

February 22, 2017

Diagramming is a crucial tool for all kinds of projects. From creating mockups and building websites to brainstorming new ideas and organizing internal processes, diagramming in Cacoo can revitalize your workflow. Not only is Cacoo a powerful diagramming tool, but it’s a great alternative to one of the biggest software giants out there: Microsoft’s Visio.

What is Visio?

There are a lot of options out there for diagramming tools, and one of the most popular is Visio by Microsoft. The program is easy enough to find in many large companies, and it’s capable of creating a lot of useful diagrams including flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts, and floor plans. It’s understandable why so many people turn to it!

Why do you need a Visio alternative?

First of all, Visio is what you might call a ‘high-ticket’ item in the world of diagramming. It comes in three tiers of service starting with Standard at $299.99, going up to Professional at $589.99. For large corporations, buying these licenses for each employee can feel like no skin off their back, but small businesses and individual users usually can’t justify the cost for such a tool. That’s where Visio alternatives come into play, and Nulab’s diagramming tool, Cacoo, is one of the best and most affordable options out there.

Why choose Cacoo?

First of all, our tiers of service for individuals range from Free to just $4.95/month for our Plus plan. And our Team Plan, perfect for small businesses and teams, starts at just $15/month (depending on your number of users) when you subscribe annually.

But the cost isn’t the only consideration you should have when looking for a Visio alternative. You also need power. Cacoo is a web-based app, powered by the cloud. It comes with a robust library of templates and stencils for creating modern, professional diagrams.

When upgrading from a Free to a Plus plan, you gain access to all of our exporting and sharing options. And, when you sign up for a Cacoo for Business plan, you can collaborate on your diagrams, in real-time, with your whole team. You can track changes with our handy Version Control feature. And, you get exclusive access to our user management features and security control.

What kind of diagrams do you get in Cacoo?

You can make almost any kind of diagram in Cacoo, but we provide the templates and stencils you need to make customized:

  • Cross-Functional Flowcharts,
  • Network Diagrams,
  • Organization Charts,
  • Office Layouts,
  • UML Class Diagrams,
  • Crow’s Foot Database Notations,
  • Database Diagrams,
  • Brainstorming Diagrams,
  • Electricals,
  • Wireframe Diagrams,
  • and so much more.

How can I test out Cacoo for myself?

You (and your team!) can try the Team Plan free for 14 days with our trial. No credit card required.

Start by creating your first diagram using this simple Venn Diagram tutorial. Next, explore Cacoo’s collaboration features with this handy guide. Once you’ve mastered the basics, take a look at all the Cacoo integrations available to enhance your workflow, including our Visio integration for importing and using Visio files right in Cacoo.

Are there more activities I can try out in Cacoo?

Of course! Give these popular tutorials and guides a try:

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Creating Lesson Plans with Cacoo
4 Ways to Use Diagrams to Visualize Your Ideas

Once I’ve made up my mind, how do I upgrade or cancel?

Upgrade or cancel at any time. Just log in to your Cacoo account, and change your plan.

With our free 14-day trial, you can decide for yourself if Cacoo is the right Visio alternative for you.


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