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  2. Create your first Cacoo Venn diagram in minutes!

Create your first Cacoo Venn diagram in minutes!

Brandi Gratis

Brandi Gratis

November 04, 2016

This 2-minute tutorial will show you just how easy to use Cacoo is.

Your mission: make a Venn diagram comparing three objects of your choosing using the Venn Diagram 1 template.

Step 1: Opening a new diagram & selecting a template

From your Cacoo Dashboard, click “Create New Diagram.”

Create New Diagram

The “Select a template” window will automatically appear in front of your new canvas. Under the “Business” folder listed in the left-hand menu, find the “Venn Diagram 1” template. Select it, and then hit the “Select” button in the lower right-hand corner of the window.

Select a template

Step 2: Editing your text

You’ll notice that our Venn diagram templates come with pre-existing text in each of the circles. You can change everything about these, from what they say to their font, size, position, and color.

Start by naming each of your circles. To edit this text, simply double-click it, and start typing

(In our example, we’re going to make this diagram about 3 characters from one of our favorite tv shows, The Office. But you can make your diagram about whatever you’d like!)

Edit Venn diagram titles

Next, begin filling in each area of the diagram with relevant information. For each section, you’ll need to create a new text box. To add a text box, select the “New Text” icon from your top menu, or use the keyboard shortcut (T).

New Text icon

Once created, you can drag your text box into any area of your Venn diagram.

Add a text box

Step 3: Styling your Venn diagram

Once we’ve typed in all the information we want about each character, we can also change our fonts and circle colors.

To change the font for multiple text boxes, hold down “Shift” and click each of the text boxes that you want to modify. Using the inspector tool (image below) you can change the text in each of the boxes selected.

(In our example, we’re choosing Avenir for our headings, and Geneva for our Venn diagram components.)

Edit the font

To edit your circle colors, select one (or more) of your circles, and click the “Select shape style” icon from your top menu. Then select a Color and Fill.

Select color and fill

Step 4: Saving & sharing your Venn diagram

Once your fonts and colors are set, it’s important to make sure you’ve saved your work. If you close your diagram without saving, you run the risk of losing some of your progress.

To save, click the “Save Diagram” button from your top menu, or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+S) for PC or (Command+S) for Mac.

Save diagram button

Name your diagram something you’ll quickly recognize later, and click the “Save” button.

Next, click on the Cacoo icon from your top menu, and click “Go back to list of diagrams.”

Go back to list of diagrams

Once you’re in the Diagram Viewer, click on the diagram you just made to preview your work. Then, click the “Share URL” icon (Share URL icon) from your right-hand menu. We need to make sure your diagram is set to public, or others won’t be able to view it. First, click the hyperlink “Please set as public to allow anyone to view this diagram.”

Please set as public to allow anyone to view this diagram.


When the Diagram Information dialogue box appears, check the box next to “Open diagram to public by URL” and click “Ok.”

Open diagram to public by URL

To finish, share your new diagram with us on Twitter using the hashtag #CacooCertified.

Share diagram page

Optional: Saving your diagram as a template or stencil

If you’re so stoked on your creation that you know you’ll want to use it again and again, you can also save it as a template or a stencil.

After clicking the “Save Diagram” button from your top menu, you will see three saving options: Ordinary Diagram, Stencil, and Template.

Saving options

Previously, you saved your diagram as an Ordinary Diagram.

If you save as a template, it will be included in the template folder that pops up next time you move to create a new diagram sheet, and you can select it to use as a starting point for your diagram. This is a great move if you want to start off with one of our basic templates but then supplement it with company-relevant information. By saving it as a template, you can make sure the theme across your diagrams is consistent.

Similarly, if you create an object that is not included in the stencil library, and save it as a stencil, you can continue to use that object within various diagrams.

Step 5: Exporting your diagram

If you decide to export your diagram, you can do so from either the editor or the Cacoo Diagram Viewer. You have five exporting options to choose from, including PNG, PDF, PPT, SVG, and PS.

From the Cacoo Editor: Click the “Export” button from your top menu, and choose your desired file option.

Export diagram from editor

Export options

From the Cacoo Diagram Viewer: click on the diagram you want to export. Then click the “Export” button in the upper-right-hand corner and choose your desired file option.

Export diagram from diagram viewer

Now you know how to make, save, share, and export a basic Venn diagram using Cacoo. Play around with options along the way, and make your creation your own!

And don’t forget, share what you make with us on Twitter using the hashtag #CacooCertified!

Happy diagramming!



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