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Track your work in Cacoo with ‘Version History’



May 23, 2017

While working on any project, it’s important to know what changes are made, when, and by whom. If you forget to note the changes you make, when it comes time to show your work, you won’t have any evidence of your contributions to the project. When multiple people are involved in your project, tracking changes gets even trickier.

You might open one of your documents, only to see that it looks different from the last time you viewed it. You see that it’s been edited, but you can’t pinpoint exactly what’s different or who’s responsible for the changes. Not being able to tell what changes you and your coworkers are making makes collaboration less effective.

Thankfully, whether you’re working alone or with others in Cacoo, you won’t have a problem tracking changes or collaborating. And it’s all thanks to a feature called Version History.

Comparing Versions

Keeping Track of Your Work

Version History, or the ability to save a diagram as Version 1, 2, etc., allows you to compare different versions of the same diagram.

Next time you’re making changes to a diagram and want to ensure other people know exactly what you’re changing, turn on Version History and save your file as a Version of the original diagram. Then, you and others can compare this version of the diagram to previous versions.

Here’s a diagram to demonstrate what Version History looks like in action.

Version History will show you exactly which parts of your diagram have been changed by illuminating them with a pulsating light.

Viewing Changes Made by Others

Viewing changes made by other people appears in a similar way, as illustrated by the diagram below.

After comparing versions, there might be times where you prefer an earlier version of the work. Luckily, when you use Version History in Cacoo, there’s an easy way to restore previous versions of your diagrams.

Restoring Previous Versions

Unlike Google Docs, restoring your diagram doesn’t overwrite the most recent work in your diagram. Instead, it creates a copy of the version of the diagram that you can edit.

To see this option:

  • Go to the version you want to Restore.
  • Go to Diagram Action.
  • Click “Make a Copy and Edit.”

A copy of this version will then be generated as a new diagram for you to edit.

This is a useful tool for making the right edits to your project.

Exporting Versions

Sometimes, you might want to download a previous version of your project.

Let’s say you’re working on a diagram that maps out the latest model of your product, and today you have a stakeholder’s meeting. You may not want to show them the most recent version of your diagram because it’s still a work in progress and looks unrefined.

Because you use Version History, you’ll have earlier versions of the document saved that you can easily export to show at your meeting.

Final Thoughts

Version History helps you track how you and your team’s work evolves. It gives you an easy way to revert changes without having to delete your most current changes. And it’s convenient, easy to use, and a helpful work log for your diagrams.


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