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3 open source products for you on GitHub



November 13, 2013

Like many software companies, Nulab leverages on open source software to deliver faster and better services to our own users. Many of our developers at Nulab are active members of various open source communities, including our CEO and co-founder, Masanori Hashimoto, who is the chairperson of The Seasar Foundation, one of the biggest open source communities in Japan. Nulab is a huge fan of the open source culture and philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of collaboration as a means to the creation of great things.

Last August at COSCUP 2013 in Taipei, I had the opportunity to share how Nulab utilizes open source software to grow our services rapidly and globally (view slides). As users of open source software, we give back to the community by offering some of the libraries of our production systems as open source. In this post, I would like to share three of our open source products hosted on GitHub.

1. Scala OAuth2 Provider


Scala implementation of OAuth2 server-side functionality used in Typetalk. This library supports the Play Framework which Typetalk adopts. You can easily make your Play application work as an OAuth2 server.

2. nginx length hiding filter module


As I’ve shared in the previous post, this is a nginx filter module against BREACH attacks used in all our services. Regarding nginx, we have another small patch on Gist that modifies the behavior of limit_req module which I will write about in another post.

3. asclip


A tiny Flash library for clipboard copy used on Backlog and Cacoo. In addition to the basic functionalities that other similar libraries like ZeroClipboard provide,  you can set button images for each state (normal, mouseover, mousedown) with this library.

All these libraries are provided under MIT license and you can use them freely in both non-commercial and commercial applications. If you find a bug or have a request, feel free to contact us or open a pull request on GitHub.

Enjoy open source!

P.S. This November, GitHub is hosting a series of talks and drink-ups in several cities in Japan. We will be supporting the GitHub meetup in Fukuoka. If you are interested, feel free to join us on Monday, 18 November. Save the date!



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