Who we are

4M peopleusing Nulab's software around the world
6 officesacross four different time zones
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Nulab was founded in Japan in 2004 by two programmers with the goal of creating software that supports effective communication and collaboration.

Masanori Hashimoto, CEO, and Shinsuke Tabata, CMO, met in 2002 through a java community called Mobster. Through the community, they would develop a number of open-source software including a wiki engine, a bug tracking system — the initial framework for Backlog — an application launcher, and a code generator.

The two programmers were determined to find better ways for software developers to interact with users and speed up the feedback loop. Inspired by how seeing the positive effects great collaboration can have on a product and team, they decided to start Nulab.

Since its founding, Nulab has developed three collaborative apps — Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk. Currently, the company has six offices across the world: New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Japan - Fukuoka (HQ), Tokyo, and Kyoto.

Singapore is the home of NuSpace: a unique community space that offers startups and developers a place where they can come together to work on digital projects, attend tech events, enroll in seminars, and get questions answered about Nulab apps — for free.

Milestones & Achievements

  • 2004
  • now


Nulab's products include the online project management and bug tracking software Backlog, the cloud-based diagramming software Cacoo, and the chat app Typetalk. All three products integrate with one another to support team collaboration at every stage of the product lifecycle.


Backlog is a web-based project management app equipped with everything developers need to plan, code, track, release, and optimize their projects. With features like Gantt and burndown charts, git repository, version control, and wikis, teams can stay focused, organized, and on-track. Backlog was first released in Japan in 2005, and in 2011, it was launched in English globally.

Backlog Milestones


Cacoo is a cloud-based diagramming and design app for teams. Cacoo diagrams function collaboratively, allowing multiple users to edit diagrams simultaneously, in real-time. With exporting, embedding, and presentation options, users can showcase diagrams to audiences wherever they are.

Cacoo Milestones


Typetalk is an easy-to-use team chat app for teams who want to keep their communication organized and searchable. You can access the app anywhere from a browser and download it to your desktop and mobile devices. It integrates with GitHub, Webhooks, and bots. Thanks to its open API, users can also develop their own programs to interact with Typetalk and other services.

Typetalk Milestones