1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for July, August, and September 2021

Release Information

Fall is in the air, and the changing seasons bring exciting changes to Backlog.


  • See which comments have been edited and easily integrate with Nulab Pass from your Project Settings.


  • See which comments have been edited: Now, when a user edits their comment in an issue or pull request, it will appropriately be labeled as  “(Edited).”
  • The new Enterprise version is out: Backlog Enterprise has release version 1.11.4.
  • Nulab Pass available in integrations: You can now find our security subscription service Nulab Pass in the Integrations section of your Project Settings.


  • Resolution added to search results: You’ll now see a column for “Resolution” in the results when you search issues.
  • Status characters increased: We increased the number of characters displayed in “Status” when listing issues.
  • Attributes improved: We improved the link when setting attributes in the issue details.
  • Emojis improved: We improved the copy-and-paste feature for emojis.
  • Backlog for iOS: Now, you can render images and tables in the issue description and comments. And image tags are automatically inserted when an image is attached.
  • New bold shortcut: We added the shortcut ( Command + b ) on issue details and comments.
  • Better performance for Issue page: We improved the performance of the ‘Issue’ page for projects with many issues.
  • Copy the comment URL of pull requests: You can now copy the comment URL from the comment of a pull request.


  • Issue comments couldn’t be viewed.
  • The “View file” link resulted in a 404 error in a pull request for a branch containing a “#.”
  • A large number of stars were added to some pull request files.
  • A default branch could be deleted after merging pull requests.
  • Typetalk was not notified when four or more users were set in the issue registration by email.
  • The dialog screen wasn’t supporting dark mode.
  • Text could not be copied when the error ID was too long on the error page.
  • The priority was not duplicated when duplicating an issue.
  • The wiki sidebar couldn’t be opened or closed.
  • Notifications did not work to Typetalk / Slack / Chatwork when using the “Batch Update” parameter.
  • Longer lines of code on Backlog for iOS would be out of the windows view.
  • Text entered sometimes disappeared.

Enjoy the pumpkin-spiced everything! Until our next round of updates: cheers!

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