1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for October & November 2020

Release Information

The holidays are upon us, and we bring good tidings of Backlog updates for you this month.


  • Mentions are now available in pull requests, plus, you can choose your default branch in Git!


  • @mentions in pull requests: You can now use mentions in the details and comments of your pull requests! You can also select all members or teams for easy batch notifications.
  • Choose your default branch: You can now change the default branch of a Git repository. The default branch will be the first branch checked out in a Git clone. It will also appear at the top of the branch list on your Git page in Backlog. The default branch cannot be deleted.


  • Drafts in Backlog for Android: Save your progress when creating issues, editing issues, or making comments with the draft function.
  • Show/hide in Backlog for Android: Show or hide priorities, versions, and milestones from your project settings.
  • Issue templates in Backlog for iOS: Create and edit issue templates right in the app.
  • @mentions in pull request comments in Backlog for iOS: Add @mentions in your pull request comments to notify members.
  • Backlog for iOS discontinued support for iOS 11: Upgrade your device to continue getting the latest Backlog app updates!


  • Various bug fixes.

We hope these updates lifted your (holiday) spirits!

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