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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for June 2024

Product Updates

Time is moving fast, and so are we. Here’s what we’ve been up to this past month.


View issue details in the Gantt chart side panel, reply and react to comments quickly, and watch video attachments without downloading them.


  • Gantt chart details: View issue details in the Gantt chart side panel.


  • Comment reactions and replies: Reply and react to comments more easily with side-by-side “Reply” and emoji actions.
  • Issue attachments: Preview and embed SVG and bitmap image attachments, and play attached videos without downloading them.
  • Checklist items: See completed checklist items thanks to a lighter strikethrough line. 


  • Email notifications, webhook submissions, and audit logs didn’t register comments after specific actions (e.g., creating pull requests).
  • The issue template didn’t update when creating a child issue from the Issues page and changing the issue type.
  • An incorrect error message displayed when creating an issue if the “Add Version/Milestone” and “Add Category” fields were left blank.
  • The project list didn’t open on some Android devices.
  • Filtering notifications by sender in iOS didn’t work every time.
  • Templates and custom fields for a selected issue type didn’t appear when editing an issue in iOS.
  • Some localized content was missing for iOS.
  • Auto-capitalization in the project creation form didn’t work for iOS.
  • Priorities, milestones, and versions still appeared when the setting was disabled for iOS.
  • The browser URL was rewritten when selecting “Copy comment” in iOS.
  • The layout in iOS broke when content contained empty items.
  • The webhook history page didn’t display correctly for iOS.

The year may be halfway over, but we’re not slowing down. We’ll see you next month for another update.

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