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This is the top page of Wiki.

New Wiki

Create new Wiki page by clicking "New".

Page Lists

This is the list of Wikis.

The heading with the ^ icon is opened and closed by clicking

Screenshot: Screen of Wiki Home


Screenshot: Screen of Wiki Toolbar

This is the toolbar for creating Wiki. The styles below are available.

  • Inserting Page Link: This button is used for inserting a link to other Wiki pages. By clicking it and selecting the name of the Wiki that you want to link to, the link tag will be inserted at the current cursor position.
  • Import contents from other Wiki: This button is used for importing the contents of other Wiki page. By choosing the Wiki page from the combo box, its contents will be imported to the current cursor position.
  • Bold: Make selected texts bold or clear bold.
  • Italic: Make selected texts italic or clear italic.
  • Strike: Make selected texts strike or clear strike.
  • Bulleted List: Make selected lines bulleted list or remove the list style.
  • Numbered List: Make selected lines numbered list or remove the list style.
  • Quote: Make selected words as quotes or remove quotes.
  • Code Macro: Make selected words code macro or remove the macro style.
  • Table: Insert a sample table.
  • External Link: Insert a sample external link.
  • Show Emoticons: Pressing this button shows/hides emoticons.
  • Insert Cacoo Diagram: Insert diagrams drawn with Cacoo.
  • Insert File: Insert tags to link to the attached files or images. Clicking this button will open "file browser" and show the list of attached files. Choose one of the links in "action" and tag will be inserted in the editing area.
Screenshot: Screen of File browser


Tag is a feature to categorize pages. You can search Wiki by tags. Used tags will be shown in "Tags" on each page.

Screenshot: Screen of Tags on Wiki

How to tag

You can tag a Wiki page by starting the page name with words in brackets as [tag1][tag2] (it is possible to put more than one tag). You also can tag a Wiki page by clicking tag name.

Attach File

You can attach files to Wiki pages. The attached files are listed on the bottom of each page and they can be downloaded or displayed (images only).

You can attach a file by linking to the shared file.

Add a file to the current page

You can attach a file to the current page.

Screenshot: Screen of Attach File

Link to the shared file is only available to paid plan users.

Export to PDF

Pressing "PDF" button on each page will convert the page to PDF and it allows you to download the file.

Screenshot: Screen of Export to PDF

Notification when Wiki is added or updated

This is a feature to send notifications to the project members when Wiki is added or updated.

Please submit Wiki with "Notify by mail when created " or "Notify by mail when updated " checked when you had added or updated the Wiki that needs to be checked immediately.

Notify by mail when created

Screenshot: Screen of Notify by mail when created

Notify by mail when updated

Screenshot: Screen of Notify by mail when updated

Wiki can be searched in 2 ways.

Search by entering keywords in the search window on the upper-right of the Wiki page.

Search by selecting links in Tags list.

Filter by page name

Search by Wiki page name by keyword Search.

Screenshot: Screen of Search on Wiki

By clicking side-bar icon on the upper-right on the page, the display area of Wiki can be expanded.

Screenshot: Screen of Sidebar on Wiki

Formatting Texts

By clicking "more..." in the "Formatting rules" box on the right while you create a Wiki, entire list of "Formatting rules" will be shown.

Screenshot: Screen of Formatting rules

Edit Table Directly

Table can be edited directly. When you rollover the table with your mouse, you'll see Edit icon on the left of the table.

Clicking Edit "Edit" will change the table to editable mode. You can edit the contents and add/delete rows.

If you want your project member know about the change, please check "Notify by mail when updated".

"Save" will update the table.

Screenshot: Screen of Edit Table Directly

Example of Wiki

Screenshot: Example of Wiki

Additional Information

Search results can be sorted by name or update.

Screenshot: Screen of Additional Information

List of History

You can check the history of Wiki. Histories before this Wiki history feature are not included. It starts from the time this feature was added.

Screenshot: Screen of List of History

Show Differences

Highlight the differences between versions.

  • Green - added part
  • Pink - deleted part
  • Blue - changed part
Screenshot: Screen of Show Differences

Show Older Version

You can check the contents of the previous versions. By pressing "Restore this version", you can restore the contents of this version. While keeping all histories, the older version will be restored as a new version.

Screenshot: Screen of Show Older Version

Tree view

Check the "Enable tree view" box to show Wikis in tree structures.

Putting / (slash) between titles makes a tree.

Wikis in the tree can be shown and hidden by clicking . The URL with the / (slash) will be the link to the Wiki.

Screenshot: Screen of Tree view