Introduction of the Japanese Learning System to support foreign employees in Japan

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November 21, 2017
Nulab Inc.

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Introduction of the Japanese Learning System to support foreign employees in Japan

Supporting learning of the Japanese language by inviting Japanese teachers to the company in order to strengthen communication and collaboration within the team


  Nulab Inc. (Head office in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, CEO: Masanori Hashimoto), maker of collaboration tools Backlog , Cacoo , and Typetalk , announces their Japanese Learning System for employees whose first language is not Japanese. 

■ Background information

  Nulab Inc, though headquartered in Fukuoka, is expanding offices. Now, offices include Fukuoka, Kyoto, and Tokyo domestically, but also include overseas offices such as New York and Singapore. Our services are also offered in many countries as well. Because of our global environment, we have previously offered an English Learning System to employees to assist in their growth, as the company’s official language is English. 

   However, as the company expanded, the number of employees who don’t speak Japanese natively also increased, and we received employee feedback such as “I want to understand our Japanese customers’ minds more clearly and directly.”

  As a result, we began the Japanese Learning System for employees working in Japan and whose primary language is not Japanese.


■ System Details

  The Japanese Learning System can be used by any employee working in Japan whose first language is not Japanese. Although you can choose your own learning style, finding a Japanese teacher can be difficult, so the company has searched and provided one for convenience. 

  As we have a system for learning English, this new system was made in its image. This system is available to any who wish to use it. 

  Through use of the English and Japanese Learning Systems, we are able to more speedily and smoothly work with each other and our customers in different markets. We believe that through better communication and mutual curiosity, that collaboration is more efficient and enjoyable. 


■ Comment from Nulab’s CEO, Masanori Hashimoto

  In order to collaborate within an organization like ours that hosts such diverse cultures and nationalities, it is necessary to have patience and an open mind. Numbers are universal language, which makes communication come more easily among developers. However, language skills really open doors.

  Nulab has been supporting our employees learn English for several years already, but this is the first time we have supported Japanese learning as well. We wanted to provide equal supports to employees of all nationalities in Japan. Our motivation was to ease the process of migration to our Fukuoka Head Office, making it easier for foreigners to live and work for us. 

  In Nulab, we have action guidelines called “ NUice ways. ” One of its tenants is that “Being different is wonderful. Even though culture and position is different, everyone is a Nulaber. In this way, we are equals. Respect each other and capitalize on our differences. They are our strength. ” I also learn about cultures through language, so I hope to learn from each other and understand everyone. In this way, we can create a melting pot inside our own workplace.


■ Working at Nulab

  Nulab is currently recruiting mid-career level professionals. You can click here to see job postings and apply.

■ About Nulab


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Masanori Hashimoto


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