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Category classifies issues into general groups. Multiple categories can be added for each project. (Administrator and Normal Users are given permissions.)

Category Settings

You can edit Category from Edit Category link located on the righ of Project Home.

To add a category, select Add Category on List of Categories page.

Entering Category Name and pressing "Submit" will create a new category.

Screenshot: Screen of Category Settings

Sample Category Names

Set Categories to organize tasks. For example:

Software Development Project

Subsystem A, Subsystem B, Common Features, etc.

SPlanning Project

Negotiation, Press Release, etc.

Edit Category

Click a name of Category in the List of Categories.

Edit Category Name and press "Submit" button.

Screenshot: Screen of Edit Category

List of Categories

When new Category is added, it will be shown in the List of Categories. Clicking Delete button will delete the category.

To change the order, please drag and drop Handle icon.

Screenshot: Screen of List of Categories