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About Member

On Member page, which is accessible from the tab on the top on your dashboard, members of project you are in will be displayed. Each member's nickname and the last login date are shown. By clicking a member on the page, you can access Profile page of each members.

Screenshot: Screen of Members page

About Profile

On "Profile" page, you can check the member's Profiles, "Recent Activity" and "Gantt Chart". (Gantt Chart is available for the users of Premium Plan and above)

Check other member's profiles and make it the start to get to know them.

Screenshot: Screen of Profile page

Recent Activity in Profile

"Recent Activity" shows what issues the user added or updated, etc.

Screenshot: Screen of the Recent Activity on Profile page

Gantt Chart in Profile

"Gantt Chart" shows the issues the member is working on across all projects.

This chart will tell how the member is planning to work on the projects.

It is possible to group the issues by projects.

Screenshot: Screen of the Gantt Chart on Profile page