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Other Settings

Edit Space

Edit Space name, Space logo, Nulab Account log in settings, and formatting rules here.

Space logo will be shown on the header of the each page of the Space.

The optimal image size is 60px by 60px. When the image is larger than 60x60, it will be shrunk to 60x60.

Screenshot: Screen of Space settings

Language and Timezone Setting


Set the language that will be used in the Space.

Please select a language from "Language" pull-down menu.


Please select your timezone from "Timezone" pull-down menu.

The User setting comes first before this setting.

Due date of an Issue is based on the Space timezone.

Screenshot: Screen of Edit Language and Timezone

Notification from the Space administrator

Notifications from the Space administrators can be posted on the Dashboard.

Modify the notification from "Edit the notification" on Space Settings page.

Screenshot: Screen of Edit Space Notification