Backlog and Cacoo gain mentions in G2 Winter Reports

Another season has come and gone and that means another release of G2’s leadership reports. We at Nulab — the creators of Backlog and Cacoo — are pleased to announce that we’ve collected a sizable number of mentions in the G2 Winter Reports between these two tools. 

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace and peer-to-peer review site where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. G2’s ratings and rankings are based on reviews and critiques submitted by real users, not analysts, so when we say we owe our success to you, our loyal users, we truly mean it. 

This winter, Backlog — Nulab’s project management tool — was named a High Performer in numerous categories, including Project Management, Bug Tracking, Europe Bug Tracking, Small Business Bug Tracking, Small Business Product Management, Mid-Market Product Management, as well as a Momentum Leader for Bug Tracking. 

The wide range of categories that Backlog falls into shows off both how simple Backlog is to use and how adaptable it is for almost anything your team needs. Using Backlog, your team can create, assign, and track tasks and projects from beginning to end. With built-in Git repositories and the ability to seamlessly track bugs, Backlog is a great tool for any dev team. 

Our users have a lot of great things to say:

“Backlog manages the product development tasks for the company, and it does a superb job of it at a fraction of the cost of ASANA, Monday.COM, or Atlassian JIRA.” 

“In general, gives a very good overview to the team and the project manager on who is doing what exactly. Following up on tasks that have not been completed is easy and is a very transparent way to work.”

“Amazing project management software designed with so many features which will be helpful to track the progress of [a] project. Good features like Task Management, Quick and Organized Issue-Reporting, File Sharing, Knowledge Sharing, Role-Based Access, Accessibility, Security, Cost-Effective, etc.” 

Alongside all of Backlog’s mentions, Cacoo — Nulab’s online diagramming tool — was also named a Leader in a number of categories, including Wireframing, Small Business Wireframing, Europe Wireframing, Diagramming, Small Business Diagramming, Europe Diagramming, Momentum Leader for Diagramming, and a High Performer for Mid-Market Diagramming. 

We’re honored that you’ve enjoyed using Cacoo for all of your professional needs. If you’re new to the product, Cacoo is an online diagramming tool that allows your team to collaborate visually in real-time. Together, you can create anything from a Venn diagram to a sprint retrospective to a network diagram — and almost anything you can think of in between. Your imagination is the limit on different ways your team can brainstorm, plan, and present ideas together. You can even find many of these functions as templates that we’ve already built for our customers to use. Cacoo is perfect for modern teams who are increasingly working remotely or over large distances.

Our users left a lot of great feedback and comments, including: 

“I have been using Cacoo for several years now, and it keeps getting better and better over time. Continued improvements and ease of use are what I like the best.”

“With the real-time collaborative option, it’s also a very effective tool to work on anything with remote people. It’s really nice to have a clear and easy to use/share whiteboard.”

“Cacoo has been my [go to] for diagrams for several years. I like how easy it is to use and [the] ability to create professional-looking diagrams.” 

All of this season’s mentions in G2’s reports let us know that we’re doing our job: We’re making your job easier and more collaborative. Thank you so much to all of our amazing users for inspiring us to create the best products we can. 

As we move forward, we will continue to update and add new features to Backlog and Cacoo to keep up our success as a top-notch product. Make sure to keep an eye out for the new features we release as we move into 2021.

One last time: Thank you so much, from all of us here at Nulab!

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