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Project Management

backlog for project management

Replace spreadsheets and email chains with project management software that lets you organize, discuss, and track all work in one place.

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Centralize all work

Manage tasks, code updates, bugs, and more through one platform.

See the big picture

Prioritize work using Kanban-style Boards and Gantt charts.

Consolidate knowledge

Create searchable Wikis for processes and documentation.

Track progress

See progress at a glance with Burndown charts.

Targeted notifications

Give team members and stakeholders instant updates.

Manage tasks and code together

Backlog has built-in Git and SVN repositories for every project.

cacoo for project management

Brainstorm, plan, and present ideas visually with online diagrams.

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Create visual project plans

Work on the same diagram at the same time with your team.

Get instant feedback

Discuss timelines with stakeholders using comments, chat, and video chat.

Easy retrospectives

Quickly add comments and ideas with sticky notes and retrospective templates.

Visualize your data

Add images, tables, and dynamic charts to bring your vision to life.

Track ideas over time

Save versions with version history, so you never lose an iteration.

typetalk for project management

Chat with your team in organized topics to keep conversations focused and decisions cataloged.

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Get answers fast

Reach your team for requests and updates or to send friendly reminders.

There’s a topic for that

Always have a place to go to ask questions and share results on projects.

Find what you need fast

Review previous discussions and decisions with a simple search.

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