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Security that's
simple & scalable

Benefit from enterprise‑grade security with SAML Single Sign‑on and Audit Log for your entire team for all Nulab products.

  • What is Nulab Pass?

    Our centralized security subscription gives you enterprise‑grade security and governance of your Nulab products for your entire organization. It works across all of our products, including Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk.

Centralized security for your organization

Give your administrators full control over how your organization accesses Nulab products.

  • SAML sign‑on

    Simple and secure login for your entire organization

  • Organization
    audit log

    Secure and thorough tracking of important activities

  • User

    Automated user management from start to finish

  • Simplify security with single sign‑on (SSO)

    Users can securely access all of your Nulab applications with a single set of credentials entered once.

    Seamlessly access multiple applications to conduct business faster and more efficiently.

  • Protect your data with SAML

    Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) makes it so your organization's users authenticate through your company's identity provider.

    Users' credentials never leave your firewall boundary, and Nulab's applications don't need to store or synchronize identities, which means fewer opportunities for identities to be breached or stolen.

    SAML also provides a strong layer of security by leveraging Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to protect the asserted identities against attempted attacks.

  • Track every activity with Audit Log

    With Audit Log you can support compliance, accountability, and security.

    Have a complete overview of activities and app responses for your entire organization.

Automate your user management with user provisioning

Standardize and streamline your user and policy management. No more ad hoc IT policies.

Easily create, change, and delete accounts to all of your Nulab apps.


Connect Nulab Pass to your identity systems

Integrate your Nulab products directly to your external directory or cloud identity provider.


Note: Nulab Pass follows standard specifications such as SAML and SCIM APIs, so it will support most ID providers.

Simple pricing, enterprise‑grade security

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$3 per user/month
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Organization audit log


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    Can I use Nulab Pass as a standalone product?
    No. Nulab Pass is a security management app for Nulab's products only. You must be a paid user of at least one of our apps—Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk.
    If I am using more than one product from Nulab, do I have to pay for the same users twice?
    No. Nulab Pass connects to your Nulab Account, which you use to manage your users across our apps. For example, if you subscribe to Backlog and Cacoo, you still only pay $3 per user, even though that user has access to both apps.
    Will I gain instant access to Nulab Pass when I submit the form?
    Our support team will quickly review your submission and give you access to Nulab Pass within 72 hours.