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backlog for small businesses & startups

Create and deliver quality projects to build your business and your teams.

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Get more for less

Backlog provides project management, version control, and bug tracking in one tool.

Visualize what matters

Kanban-style Boards, Gantt charts, and burndown charts help you know where to focus.

Simple task management

Track work across multiple teams and projects in Boards.

Everyone on the same page

Targeted notifications keep the right people in the loop.

Everything you need in one place

Attach files to tasks or create Wikis for easy knowledge sharing.

cacoo for small businesses & startups

Cacoo makes it easy to plan and present business ideas with diagrams like the SWOT analysis, org chart, and business presentations.

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Collaborate on ideas

Annotate diagrams using comments or quickly add ideas with sticky notes.

Work together from anywhere

Work on the same diagrams at the same time with your team.

Present your work

Use presentation mode to showcase your work.

Get instant feedback

Discuss with comments, chat, and video chat.

Capture everything

Add images, tables, and dynamic charts to bring your ideas to life.

Track ideas over time

Save versions with version history, so you never lose an iteration.

Organize your diagrams with ease

Create unlimited shared folders, each with its own members and permissions.

typetalk for small businesses & startups

Chat with your team in organized topics to keep conversations focused and decisions cataloged.

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There’s a topic for that

Always have a place to go to ask questions, give feedback, and share results.

Keep ideas flowing

Host open-ended conversations that drive projects forward.

Find what you need fast

Find the information you need with a simple search.

Reduce costly meetings

Easily share status updates in dedicated topics to reduce the need for in-person meetings.

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