Agile project management

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Agile project management

backlog for Agile project management

Track and prioritize projects and tasks to solve problems and optimize flow quickly.

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Capture every detail

Create parent and sub-tasks to estimate story points accurately and plan your sprints.

Stay on track

Assess progress with Burndown charts to make sure deadlines are met.

Adapt to changing priorities

Reprioritizing tasks and projects quickly with Gantt charts and Kanban-style Boards.

Transparent collaboration

Communicate directly in tasks to ask questions, provide feedback, and share results.

Deliver better work

With each aspect tested and delivered separately, each stage is better than the last.

cacoo for Agile project management

Brainstorm, plan, and present ideas visually with online diagrams.

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Create visual project plans

Visually document your Agile workflows and align your team on the latest best-practices.

Get instant feedback

Discuss timelines with stakeholders using comments, chat, and video chat.

Easy retrospectives

Quickly add comments and ideas with sticky notes and retrospective templates.

Visualize your data

Add images, tables, and dynamic charts to bring your vision to life.

Track ideas over time

Save versions with version history, so you never lose an iteration.

typetalk for Agile project management

Chat with your team in organized topics to keep conversations focused and decisions catalogued.

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There’s a topic for that

Always have a place to go to ask questions, give feedback, and share results.

Keep ideas flowing

Host open-ended conversations that drive projects forward.

Find what you need fast

Find the information you need with a simple search.

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