Backlog listed among the best kanban software by Software Advice

Nulab is delighted to announce Software Advice listed Backlog as a top-rated front runner Kanban tool in 2022. We at Nulab are excited about this recognition and, as always, thankful for our loyal users!

Benefits of Backlog’s Kanban features

Kanban tools, like Backlog’s Boards feature, support teams by making their daily processes run smoothly. Boards help teams see their work and workflows in a tangible way, limit the number of open items to ensure task completion, quickly capture tasks in the “backlog” (otherwise known as the “to-do” step), and easily track the progression of projects. 


Kanban tools enable teams to measure performance, and that’s why Backlog includes these important features in the software. 

Software Advice gave Backlog 4.5 stars, and we are so thrilled with this accomplishment. Secondary ratings include 4.5 stars for these categories: ease-of-use, customer support, value for money, and functionality. 

Here at Nulab, we believe collaboration is a team’s most powerful tool and that software should support teamwork with user-friendly tools. 

Whether you work in design, marketing, or an IT team, cloud-based Backlog is here to help. You can organize tasks, project management, substacks, file sharing, and visualize timelines with Gantt charts. 

We are so excited to celebrate this accomplishment from Software Advice and look forward to what 2023 has in store!

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