Explore all Nulab products in one place with our newly merged website

A lot is happening behind the scenes at Nulab, and we’re excited to share what’s coming!

Throughout 2022, we’ve been building a new and improved Nulab website that combines all of our product websites — Backlog, Cacoo, Typetalk, and Nulab Pass — under one domain. Now, you’ll only have one URL to remember, and all of your Nulab services will be easily accessible in one centralized location.

Along with this merge, we’re introducing a new look for our website, a resource-packed Learn center, and an updated login process.

Why we merged our websites

It’s our mission to help you build powerful teams that set big goals and achieve them together. However, many of our users aren’t familiar with all of the great online collaborative tools available through Nulab.

  • Backlog – Project management and bug tracking software
  • Cacoo – Diagramming and data visualization software
  • Typetalk – Centralized communication and team chat software
  • Nulab Pass – Enterprise-grade security with Single Sign-On authentication

With all of these services under one domain, you can easily learn about all of our products and try them out. Nulab products integrate with one another and with other popular apps, and we offer free trials to get you started.

As for users who already subscribe to multiple products, you’ll have one convenient login for all services.

What to expect

Consolidated resources in Learn

Now that we’re merging our websites, all our helpful blog posts, tutorials, and guides are being consolidated, too! We’ve created category paths you can explore to learn about specific topics and build new skills. You can access all our resources on collaborative work, project management, software development, design & UX, strategy & planning, and more on Nulab.com/learn.

A change to the login process

As we roll out our new website, we want the transition to be as simple as possible. We made minor changes to the login process that we want you to be aware of, as these updates will roll out over the next few days. 

Nulab login button

For users who are logged in:

  • When you type in the product domain (e.g. Cacoo.com, Backlog.com, Typetalk.com), you will be auto-redirected to the corresponding page on Nulab.com (e.g. Nulab.com/cacoo. Once you click login, you will go directly to the product app (e.g. Cacoo.com/app).

For users who are not logged in:

  • When you type in the product domain, you’ll be auto-redirected to the corresponding page on Nulab.com (ex. Nulab.com/cacoo). You can then log in as usual and will be taken to the product app.
  • If you have multiple organizations or product subscriptions, you will be redirected to your Nulab profile upon signing in. From there, you can select the organization name in the top right corner and choose the correct app on the dashboard.
  • If you have one organization and one product, you will be redirected to the Nulab apps dashboard upon signing in.

Nulab new login pageAccess all Nulab products via a single login.

The Nulab team is thrilled to share this news with you, and we hope you love our new look as much as we do. We look forward to hearing your feedback in the coming weeks.

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