Better security with sign-in alerts

For added security, Nulab Account now provides a sign-in alert.

You will receive email alerts when someone logs into your Backlog, Cacoo or Typetalk account from a new device. With this feature, you will notice if your account has been accessed by someone else.

For Backlog and Cacoo, you must connect your accounts to Nulab Account to receive this notice.

signin-alertYou can check old accesses in the sign-in history page.

Protect your account

If you notice any unfamiliar sign-in alerts, please change your account’s password.

When you change or reset your password, Nulab Account signs you out from all Nulab services you are currently logged into. This includes Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk. You will only stay signed in for your current window, which helps shut out invalid users logged into your account from another device.

Nulab will continue to do our best to improve our services and make things more secure.


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