An exciting new start to the year 2015 in Taiwan

With the recent launch of the Backlog Academic Plan in Taiwan, we have attracted more people to our project management tool, Backlog. Also, it has been a while since the last time we touched base with our Cacoo users. Despite his packed schedule, our CEO, Masanori Hashimoto (a.k.a Taiwan lover), gladly flew to Taiwan for a visit; this time, he brought someone along with him! Let me introduce our first Taiwan developer for the Cacoo team – John Lu! John is educated in Taiwan and is an experienced Android app developer. He joined the Cacoo team in Fukuoka last December and will work with the Cacoo team to make Cacoo a better tool for all users.

As usual, I filled Hashimoto’s agenda here in Taiwan with a ton of visits to interesting companies and with media people to help him to get a taste of Taiwanese startups and the vibrant technology community.


BusinessNext is one of the leading publishing companies in Taiwan, focusing on technology trends, digital marketing, startups, and design thinking. We met up with the editor, Daisy, who was very interested in how Nulab was established and our plans in Taiwan. She also invited us to join their regular event, MeetClub and introduced us to an awesome company called ‘Aotter’ which I will share in more detail later. 



If you are interested in the startup scene in Taiwan, you won’t want to miss out on this meet-up event. MeetClub usually takes place on a Wednesday night. During the event, you can interact with startups, learn about new trends and meet potential investors. This time, we met several Korean and Japanese startup teams who are expanding their services to Taiwan, and we shared our experiences with them. Towards the end of the meet-up, we also got a few minutes to share about Nulab services and what they offer. 


Rails Girls Weekly

Rails Girls Weekly is an event for girls who love Rails and ruby. This gathering is held by the Taiwan Rails Girls community, which we also visited last year. We were invited by the community organizer to share our working experience in Japan. Our new developer John was the perfect speaker for this topic. John shared his experience working at Nulab and living in Japan with the audience.


Aotter Inc

Aotter Inc provides a range of online apps and services. Their hugely popular social platform, “PasteWall ” is downloaded worldwide. They even have a technical blog, written and managed by female editors only, where they post about gadgets, apps, and gaming reports from a girl’s point of view. Aotter and Nulab are both established based on a very simple reason: We want to solve the problems we personally face. For example, Nulab co-founders had problems with issue tracking, so they developed Backlog. We enjoyed talking with Emilie from Aotter and look forward to meeting with the team again in the future.




PunNode is an online news site that writes about startup news in Asia. At the last minute, we got the chance to meet Jim, the manager of PunNode, with whom we discussed startup trends in Taiwan and Japan. We also shared our vision in Taiwan with Jim. Jim was generous to offer some good feedback about our services which gave us new ideas about future improvements and marketing campaigns.



TEBA Asia is established by iiinno‘s David and Kenny. They both have great expectations for Taiwanese society and have decided to open a space for people willing to share, help each other and learn new things together. Kenny, a great cook, made us a delicious lunch during our visit! Once the space is officially opened, they will offer many lessons and meetups. We are counting down to the grand opening of the space already! Good luck!


Apart from the many visits we made to different companies, we also held a CacooUp in Taipei on 22 January. 


Meeting so many fabulous people in just four days was a great privilege. We appreciate their time and effort. The Nulab Taiwan team will keep working hard to grow our services. We plan to have more events this year and are looking for collaboration opportunities with Taiwan’s local communities and organizations. If you have any inquiries about our company/service or some exciting collaboration ideas, please contact us. Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest events and updates!

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