Nulab Drinking Code: Advanced Docker & Scaling Infrastructure

Nulab Drinking Code meetup - Advanced Docker concepts and scaling infrastructure

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In November, our Nulab Drinking Code meetup featured talks on advanced Docker concepts and scaling infrastructure.

Our two invited speakers were:

Advanced Docker concepts and scaling infrastructure meetup speakers

#Talk 1: Advanced Docker Concepts

Florian gave a clear presentation & demo on advanced Docker concepts that go beyond creating images and running containers, for e.g. health checks, network linking, how to keep Docker images small, how layers are used and more. After his talk, he fielded several questions from the audience.


#Talk 2: Gotchas in deploying your container at scale – from 1 to 9000 containers.

Before his talk, Eugene replied to the questions from the audience in the earlier talk. Then he shared from his experience about 5 common gotchas (i.e. unforeseen problems) while building on a production Docker environment. He also gave advice on how to scale from 100 to 10,000 containers, and why he discourages over-scaling.


After the talks, we had a hangout session over pizza and drinks. The attendees had a chance to talk with the speakers, pop more questions, and share war stories with one another. Check out the event pics below, and join us for our future meetups! 🤗

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