Conversations in Tech: From graphic design to UX design

Conversations in Tech is a live video podcast (via YouTube and Facebook Live) where we interview professionals in the tech industry to learn more about their work, experiences, and how they’ve become who they are today. Viewers can ask questions during the show and have them answered by our guest speakers.

From graphic design to UX/service design

In this episode, we invited Huang Weiming, Experience Designer at OCBC Bank to be our guest on the show.

About Huang Weiming:
Weiming was a graphic designer in the publishing industry for over 10 years. He curated, designed, and published several visual books under the imprint of local publishers. At one point, he was disillusioned with the design industry and considered leaving it permanently to become a bus driver instead.

Fortunately, with the encouragement of a friend, he took up a course in user experience design, and from then on, he never looked back. Weiming is passionate about designing products that are useful, usable, and desirable for users. Currently, he is a designer with OCBC Bank where he is part of a team that helps craft delightful experiences across different touch-points.

In the podcast, Weiming gave a talk, “Design is not always #00000 and #FFFFFF”, where he shared his journey of switching careers from graphic design to UX/service design, and the service design process for two projects in OCBC. He also answers a variety of questions from the audience, ranging from how to get started in UX, what to include in your portfolio, how to deal with differing views on design, tools used in the design process, and more.

It’s a fulfilling episode with valuable insights, especially on the design process which involves members across different functional roles and most importantly, the end-users. Do check it out:

We want to thank Weiming for sharing his story and knowledge. And also thank our live viewers for posting their questions during the chat.

Stay tuned for more

We plan to hold more live podcasts in the future. For updates, please check out the Nulab Community forum or our Nulab events page.

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