Conversations in Tech: Journey of the UX Writer

Introducing Conversations in Tech

The growth of the tech industry has created various new roles in recent years. For example, new specializations like user experience (UX) researchers, UX writers, data scientists, DevOps engineers, etc.

This presents new opportunities for job seekers and for people in their mid-careers who wish to explore new endeavors in tech. However, sometimes there may be a lack of information about these new and exciting occupations.

Besides, we often encounter other tech professionals in our daily work, but we may not have an adequate understanding of their roles and what they do. This information gap can become an obstacle to collaboration.

Let’s start talking

This is where Conversations in Tech come in. A live podcast (via YouTube and Facebook Live) where we chat with professionals in the tech industry to learn more about their roles, experiences, challenges, and thought processes. In short, we want to answer your burning questions about their work.

1st Episode: Journey of the UX Writer

For our inaugural episode, we’re glad to invite Edwin Mohammad, Lead UX Writer at Blibli, to be our guest.

About Edwin Mohammad:

Edwin has worked in copywriting and UX for over 5 years, having spent time at Gojek and Traveloka prior to joining Blibli. He regularly gives talks and workshops on UX writing, and is also the host of Warung Copy, a podcast series that features Indonesian writers working in different fields such as UX, marketing, and journalism.

In this podcast, we answer questions from the audience, like the difference between copywriting and UX writing, how to conduct tests for UX writing, the most challenging UX writing problem Edwin has encountered, tips on building a portfolio, and more.

Stay tuned for more

We will be having more of such live podcasts in the future. For updates, check out the Nulab Community forum or our events page.

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