Conversations in Tech: Quality Assurance as a career

Conversations in Tech is a live video podcast (via YouTube and Facebook Live) where we chat with professionals in the tech industry to learn more about their roles, experiences, challenges, and thought processes. At the same time, viewers can ask questions during the show and have them answered by our guest speakers.

Quality Assurance as a fun and exciting career

In this episode, we invited Sumi Naomi, Quality Assurance Engineer at TeamSpirit Inc.

About Sumi Naomi:
Naomi has over 8 years of quality assurance experience in the SaaS and E-commerce industries. Currently, she works for the TeamSpirit Expense module and supports her QA Team Lead in a leadership capacity. Last year, Naomi represented TeamSpirit at JaSST (Japan Symposium on Software Testing), a nationwide QA conference that is held every year.

In the live podcast, Naomi answers questions on how she became a QA engineer despite majoring in Sociology, common misperceptions about QA engineers, what she does in her work, how to improve technical skills in QA (taking the ISTQB), how she collaborates with her team members using Cacoo diagrams, and more.

A big thank you to Naomi for sharing her story and knowledge. We also want to thank our live viewers for posting their interesting questions and comments. Thank you, everyone! 🙇‍♂️

Stay tuned for more

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