Nulab Drinking Code: Exploring Data Science

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For Nulab Drinking Code in August, the theme of our meetup was “Exploring Data Science” and it featured four speakers:

Nulab Drinking Code 2018 meetup, Data Science speakers

Data Science is a hot topic in the industry now, and without a doubt, the large crowd at NuSpace can attest to this.

Talk #1: Enhancing Customer Experience through AI — by A M Aditya"Enhancing Customer Experience through AI" by A M AdityaAditya shared on how data science and artificial intelligence (AI) can help enhance customer experience on a day to day basis by using an example of the travel and tourism industry. Here’s a video recording of his talk.


Talk #2: Building your Data Science capabilities — by Dat Le
"Building your Data Science capabilities" by Dat Le
Dat gave insights to the costs and challenges of building a data science team for organisations, and the skills that aspiring data scientists should equip themselves with, to become more attractive to hirers. Video recording of his talk:
Talk #3: Creating professional AI projects without being an expert — by Nasrudin Salim
"Creating professional AI projects without being an expert" by Nasrudin Salim
Nasrudim whipped out his laptop that was loaded with Jupyter Notebook and gave us a great talk/demonstration of AI image recognition.
Our videographer (yours truly) flubbed the screen capture and hence, we’re unable to post the talk here. *Deep bow of apology*. If you are interested, you can read Nasrudin’s Jupyter Notebook by cloning from his github.
Slides exported from Jupyter Notebook:
Talk #4: Jupyter Notebook Tricks and Tips — by Dr Yeo Wee Kiang
"Jupyter Notebook Tricks and Tips" by Dr Yeo Wee Kiang
The Jupyter Notebook is one of the most commonly used tools in Data Science, but there are some useful features that are not so well-known. Dr Yeo gave us a demo of those features and how they can enhance the efficiency and experience of using Jupyter Notebook.

After the talks,

the members broke off to chat and mingle amongst themselves. We would like to thank everyone for joining us, and our generous speakers who shared their knowledge – thank you! Check out more event pics at our Facebook.

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See you at our next Nulab #DrinkingCode. Cheers!

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