ECHELON 2012: Asia’s leading tech startup event

On 11 and 12 June 2012, Cacoo (Tabata San, Inoue San and Jenny) joined the vibrant event at University Cultural Centre in National University of Singapore. Over 1,100 delegates, up to 50 startups and various workshops took part in this big fun event. We saw some big names there, e.g. Microsoft, Google, Blackberry etc. Wow, it was a bit crowded. Echelon 2012 features 50 speakers from Silicon Vally and Asia, delivering keynotes, panel discussions and case studies, and start-ups setting display tables to introduce themselves to more people, our company, Nulab is one of them. We had two tables for two products, Cacoo and Backlog. I was in-charge of Cacoo and Inoue san was in charge of Backlog.



(This picture is from Snapshock,

Many people came to my table to learn what Cacoo is. Though I presented Cacoo with what I learned for one week, fortunately, which seemed acceptable, as Cacoo is super user friendly – easy learn, easy use. Of course, Tabata San and Inoue San gave me a hand sometimes, dear both, thank you, we are a good Cacoo team.

To my surprise, some people are existing Cacoo users. I was so exciting to talk to them, just like meeting old friends. I was very happy to hear their comments and opinions for Cacoo. It was a big regret that I forgot to take pictures with them. Dear all friends I met that day, please take my heart-bottom thanks for your support again.

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