Guide to NuSpace membership & reservation

NuSpace community space

NuSpace, a new endeavor by Nulab, provides a free community space for Nulab users in Singapore to work on their projects, attend events and get help on Nulab apps.

However, available places are limited due to popularity, so we encourage you to make online reservations before coming down. This will ensure that you have a seat/place.  

To sign up and make your reservation, just follow the steps below!

Step 1: Become a Nulab user

Nulab provides collaboration tools for teams and companies to work with higher productivity and creativity.

Nulab account and products

To become a Nulab user, you can sign up for any of our Nulab tools:

There are both free and paid plans available. And if you are unsure now, you can also register for a free trial – no credit card is required.

Alternatively, you can also register for a Nulab account first before using a product. Just click on the button and register your details:

Become a NuSpace member


Step 2: Sign in to your Nulab account.

If you are already a Nulab user, you can just sign in to NuSpace

NuSpace member sign in

This will activate your free access to NuSpace for 12 months, and you’ll also be able to attend Nulab events and workshops held at NuSpace.

Congrats: You are now a NuSpace member

NuSpace member homepage

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now you can plan your visit, preview upcoming events at NuSpace, or contact us for any enquiries.

Step 3: Begin your reservation

Click on ‘Plan my visit.’

NuSpace visit booking

You will see a calendar with available dates and start/end times for booking a seat at NuSpace. Please kindly note that NuSpace is open on weekdays from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. We are closed on weekends and public holidays.

NuSpace visit reservation calendar

If the date cannot be selected, it’s likely to be a public holiday or reservations are full, and NuSpace is not available. 

After selecting your date and time, you will see a confirmation (like the one below), and an email confirmation of your reservation date & time will be sent within 24 hours. Please check your spam box in case it ends up there.

NuSpace visit confirmation message

Join the NuSpace community

We welcome you to join us on Typetalk, where you can interact with fellow members and chat about tech, programming, startups, or anything under the sun. Just click on ‘Join the conversation,’ and we’ll send you an email link (within 24 hours) to direct you to our chat group!

NuSpace join community button

NuSpace hall

NuSpace open desks

NuSpace lounge


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