NUCON Taipei highlights

The second installment of NUCON took place in Taipei on 19 February. Apart from myself, Nulab’s CTO Toshitaka Agata and CEO Masanori Hashimoto came down from Japan to join me in hosting the event. 



Despite the rain, most of the attendees who RSVP-ed came down to join us that evening. 


I started the evening with an opening keynote. CEO Hashimoto then followed with an introduction of Nulab and the sharing of our recent milestones as well as some of our future development plans. 


A passionate lover of the city, this is actually Hashimoto’s second trip to Taipei in 2014. He is the co-organiser of Myojo Waraku, a technology and creative festival, earlier in January in Taipei. Apart from introducing Nulab to Taiwan, he also introduced the Taiwanese duck noodles to many Japanese travelling to Taiwan.


CTO Agata announced the news of Typetalk’s official release and the launch of Nulab Account to the attendees. We got a user who was so excited about using Typetalk API in his service that he arranged a meeting with us the very next day. 


Nulab plays an important role in the Fukuoka startup scene. Last year, we also extended our involvement to the startup scene in Taiwan in a collaboration with Taiwan’s Startup Weekend. As a result, we’ve got some participants of last year’s StartUp Weekend who came down to NUCON to share their experience of using Nulab’s apps create demos to gain funding from angel investors. StartUp weekend’s organizer David Kuo also shared his thoughts on collaboration and his own experience in using Nulab apps.


Hands up if you are currently using Nulab apps!


As the only Nulab employee in Taiwan, I shared my experience in working and collaborating remotely with my team using Nulab apps. Increasing globalization has made remote working a common trend now, which prompts me to share important tips on how to use Nulab apps for remote team collaboration.  



We ended the evening with some networking and a lucky draw which gave away free Cacoo subscriptions and Cacoo swag. We had many attendees who were really passionate about our apps and stayed after the event to talk a little more with the team. NUCON Taiwan went really smooth, thanks to the help of our amazing volunteers. We look forward to holding more NUCON conferences in Taiwan, with improved keynotes and activities to share more technical knowledge and the startup experience with Taiwanese users. 


 See you next time!


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