Nulab covers microservices, GraphQL, and more at Bowery Golang Meetup

This Wednesday, we hosted the latest meeting of our Bowery Golang Meetup in our NY office. This week’s meetup featured talks from three speakers on microservices, GraphQL, and a helpful mock tool for tests. As always, the evening was filled with pizza, beer, and all things Golang. 


Our own developer Jay Chen opened the night with a brief intro into microservices. He explained the difference between a monolithic service and microservices, as well as the pros and cons of each.

He also shared a use case from one of Nulab’s products, Cacoo. Cacoo successfully transferred from a Java monolithic service to a multiple language microservice that provides a solution for Nulab’s teams across New York, Japan, Amsterdam, and Singapore. While there are some trade-offs in switching from a monolith to microservices, the Cacoo team was able to tackle this migration with finesse.

You can view Jay’s slide presentation here:


Many of our guests were excited about this topic and stuck around after the event to chat more with our staff. Antonio from TradeIt, said,

“Understanding a real world use case of migrating from a monolithic server to microservices, and actually seeing how that transition happened was super interesting.”


Cecile Thiebaut, another one of our developers, shared a bit of her expertise on GraphQL.

GraphQL, a query language for APIs, has grown more and more popular since it’s release in 2015. In fact, many expect it to replace REST within the next few years. It provides a simple schema that makes it easy to request just the data you need and get everything back in one request.

And thanks to the neelance/graphql-go library, you can now implement a Golang graphQL server to handle your queries in just a few lines of code.

Using an example of pulling a list of types of wines, Cecile kept the Meetup interesting as she dove into this popular query language.

Cecile’s presentation can be viewed here:


After the event one guest shared,

“I always heard about GraphQL… but I never knew anything about it, and I never knew how it worked, so it was really interesting to see somebody who enjoys it and in this case, how to use it.”


 Mock tool for tests

Our final speaker, Kevin Birch, was a guest speaker from Percolate. Kevin provided insight into Charlatan, a Go interface mocking tool that he uses for tests. He explained the pros and cons of this tool and why he prefers this strategy over alternatives.

Join us next time!

Nulab created the Bowery Goland Meetup in 2017 to begin building a Golang community in NYC and has covered topics such as Websockets and gRPC in past events. Our Meetups are open to all, and we’re always looking for interested members to contribute by speaking or co-organizing.

Don’t miss out as the Golang community in NYC continues to grow! If you or someone you know would be interested in participating or speaking at our next Bowery Golang Meetup, please contact us here.

See you next time!

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