Nulab Drinking Code: DevOps & Containers

Nulab Drinking Code 2019 August Devops & Containers

In August, Nulab Drinking Code Singapore hosted a meetup with the theme “DevOps & Containers” at NuSpace.

Our speakers for the event were:

  • Florian Besser, Lead Software Architect at Zuhlke Engineering
  • Priyanka Dive, DevOps Engineer/Senior Solutions Architect at PCCW

Aug 2019 Nulab Drinking Code DevOps Speakers

Florian is a familiar face at our meetup; he gave a talk on “Advanced Docker Concepts” in our November Drinking Code meetup last year. It is wonderful to have him again. 

Before the talks, we had pizza with beer and soft drinks. And Strongbow Apple Ciders were kind enough to sponsor limited edition mini-cans. Yay!

Nulab Drinking Code August 2019 attendeesDrinks, pizza and getting to know each other before the talks.

Happy hour at Nulab Drinking Code meetupThe #drinkingcode queue. Happy hour indeed 🙂

# DevOps CI-CD pipeline using ContainersPriyanka Dive giving her talks on devops pipeline Priyanka gave an introduction about DevOps practices and technologies such as Jenkins (for continuous integration), Sonarqube (for code analysis), Docker containers & Kubernetes. We’re unable to show her presentation here but you can check out the slides:


# Common security mistakes in using Docker

Florian gave a lively show & tell of six common security mistakes in using Docker and their results. These are privilege escalation/denial of service attacks that are critical to Docker containers.


After the talks, everyone was free to help themselves to more drinks and chat further.

Last but not least:

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