Nulab Drinking Code: Kubernetes Ingress & Cloud Security

Nulab Drinking Code meetup - Kubernetes Ingress and Cloud Security

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Our Nulab Drinking Code Singapore meetup had a ‘Cloud’ theme in May, and we invited two experienced DevOps/DevSecOps veterans to be our speakers.

They are:

May 2019 meetup speakers Vincent de Smet and Steve Teo

Both speakers are active contributors in our local tech scene; they’ve given a number of talks and are also organizers of regular tech meetups in Singapore.


#Talk 1: Kubernetes Ingress: What, How & Caveats

Vincent shared about Kubernetes Ingress, its benefits and other tools/setups he used with it. He also fielded quite a number of questions from the audience — clearly, everyone’s interested to learn from his experience.


#Talk 2: AWS Security Best Practices

Working with Horangi, Steve has encountered cases of cloud breaches and he shared some of them to highlight the security risks faced by businesses and developers. He also gave advice on best practices and user responsibilities in securing their accounts. Because “every cloud account is a blank cheque [for hackers]” — a memorable phrase from his talk.


After the talks, we had pizza and drinks, and the attendees mingled with one another. Unfortunately, Vincent was ill and he had to leave early. Also, he had a wakeboarding competition the next day. (Thanks for coming despite not feeling well, Vincent!)

Check out our event pics below, and do join us for future meetups!

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