Nulab Drinking Code: Machine Learning

Drinking Code June 2019: Machine Learning

Nulab Drinking Code Singapore featured Machine Learning in June, and we invited two data scientists/engineers to share their knowledge and experience with us at NuSpace.

Our invited speakers:

  • Chow Jia Hui, Data Scientist (Refinitiv)
  • Nasrudin Salim, Data & Machine Learning Engineer (90 Seconds)

Nulab Drinking Code June 2019 speakers Chow Jia Hui and Nasrudin Salim

Before the talks, attendees had arrived and they chat amongst themselves while having pizza and drinks. Gradually, the crowd swelled, and after a brief introduction, our talks began.

Most of the seats were taken and it was standing room only at the back.

standing room at Nulab Drinking Code

Data scientist Chow Jia Hui giving her talk.Our first speaker, data scientist Chow Jia Hui.

# Notes from the wild: an end-to-end journey with an NLP deep learning model 

Jia Hui shared the insights she gained from working on an NLP deep learning project at Refinitiv: from gathering and labelling data, to deploying and optimizing it in Scala. 


# Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform on Production

Nasrudin spoke about leveraging on cloud AI platforms and other methods to quickly build up multiple machine-learning solutions (recommendation engines, reinforcement learning, etc) for production. 


After the talks, many attendees stayed back to mingle with each other and also chat with the speakers. Check out our event pics below, and join us for future meetups.

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