Nulab Drinking Code: Product Management & Leadership

March 2019 meetup on Product Management and Leadership

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In March, the Nulab Drinking Code Singapore meetup saw a cozy gathering of members who braved the evening rain to join our event.

This time, our meetup theme was “Product Management, Strategy & Leadership” and it was a great pleasure for us to host our invited speakers:

March 2019 meetup Product Management Speakers

Talk 1: Transforming “Gut Feel” companies into Data-Driven giants by Jay Fong

Jay’s talk covers how startups and organizations can leverage on data analytics to enhance their understanding of users and build customer-centric products. He explains in-depth about key metrics, ensuring data standardisation, and more – using his experience at honestbee.


Talk 2: Tough Talks, or How to confront opinions with your teammates by Giom Duquesnay

Be it in product management, software development or any kind of team work, the ability to give honest feedback and handle conflicting opinions is key to a great team.

With a background in software development and Agile coaching, Giom shares several useful tips and techniques in his talk. A quote that stands out: “There is no progression of thoughts, if there is no confrontation of thoughts.”


Talk 3: Scaling your Product Department by Mike Dickinson

The startup journey of forming a product team and finding market fit can be a fumbling-in-the-dark process. Fortunately, Mike shines a light for us on how to hire and organize a product team at different stages of the business growth, whether you’re a small startup, a recently funded company or company in hyper growth mode.

He shared about his experience at Xendit – growing from 25 employees to 140 within a year – and also fielded several questions from the audience.


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