Nulab Drinking Code: Web & Mobile Development

Nulab Drinking Code: Web and Mobile Development

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Let it snow, let it snow… Or rain.

In Singapore, we don’t really have winter or snow, but it’s raining almost every day nowadays, and temperatures are a cool 25 degrees Celsius.

Despite the cold and wet weather, we had a cozy Nulab Drinking Code Singapore meetup on 5th December night, featuring the theme of web & mobile development. 

Our speakers were:

  • Aaron Gong, software consultant and cofounder of marine startup AHOP
  • Jason Choo, Tech Lead at pslove.

Nulab Drinking Code Dec 2019 Speakers: Aaron Gong and Jason Choo

Before the talks, attendees helped themselves to drinks, pizza, and also chatted amongst themselves, sharing about their work and backgrounds.

Drinking Code attendees 2019 December

Web & Mobile Development Talks

# Comparing CRUD app in React and VueJS

Having used both React and Vue JS in work and production systems, Aaron compared both frontend frameworks by using an example of a CRUD (create, read, update, delete) app. He also explained some of the problems developers might encounter in using the two frameworks, and his solutions or workarounds for them.

# The Art of Flutter: Toolbox for learning Flutter

Jason gave an introduction about Flutter’s history, trends, and adoption by developers to build cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, web, and desktop. He also provided topics for mastering Flutter, and shared on how pslove used Flutter to help them develop their product within a short timeframe.


After the talks, 
our attendees had a chance to mingle, chat with the speakers, and enjoy more drinks. More photos at our Facebook album.

If you are interested in the next Nulab Drinking Code Singapore meetup, come join us!

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