Webinar highlights: Efficient Scrum on Backlog

With work-from-home and distributed teams, companies may face challenges in maintaining communication and collaboration amongst team members, as well as issues in work productivity and accountability.

Thus, we held the webinar, “Efficient Scrum on Backlog”, to share about using our all-in-one project and code management tool Backlog to do Scrum in a simple and effective manner.

The webinar started off with an overview of the Scrum process: from prioritizing the product backlog (which consists of user stories and to-do items) to sprint planning, development and daily standup meetings, sprint review, and sprint retrospective.

Overview of Scrum process:

Overview of Scrum process

Following it, we did a step-by-step demo on doing Scrum using Backlog. We also shared a tip on how to easily add many tasks/issues into your project using Google Sheets, one of many integrations available with Backlog.

Full video of our webinar: Efficient Scrum on Backlog

View the video on Youtube where you can click the listed timestamps to go directly to the respective sections:

  • 1:58 Overview of Scrum process
  • 6:33 Start of demo / Introducing the Backlog Space and project home
  • 8:14 Using Files to store/share project requirements and files
  • 9:04 Using Wiki and wiki templates for meeting minutes, requirements, etc
  • 10:33 Adding user stories or tasks into the project
  • 13:03 View tasks using issues list; batch update issues
  • 14:01 Board for kanban, updating tasks, etc
  • 16:00 Sprint planning using milestones
  • 17:55 Prioritizing tasks on the Board
  • 18:54 Adding multiple tasks to Sprint 1 milestone
  • 21:10 Viewing Sprint 1’s burndown chart to track progress
  • 22:13 Using the Gantt chart to schedule tasks, check dependencies and workloads
  • 25:49 Using the Board for daily standup meetings
  • 27:10 Create custom task status (e.g. testing/QA) for your workflow
  • 30:03 Sprint review/retrospectives using Wiki and Cacoo
  • 32:53 For reporting: Export data out of Backlog
  • 34:04 Faster way to add tasks using Google Sheets integration
  • 41:38 Summary of what we learned
  • 44:11 Good news about Backlog
  • 44:52 Other products by Nulab: Cacoo & Typetalk

Besides the webinar, you can take a look at our blog article: Doing Scrum in Backlog, and the Agile Guide to learn more about Scrum and Agile.

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