Backlog reaches 10,000 teams!

We’ve hit a major milestone for Backlog — we’ve hit 10,000 teams! — and we want to thank the people who made it possible: you.

Backlog reaches 10K teams

A look at our growth — and yours!

Since this time last year, we’ve doubled our paid customer base. We now have 10,000 teams using Backlog to move their project forward.

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So many great companies across the world have come to rely on Backlog every day, we’re always looking for new ways to support them.

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Here’s a look at just a few of the teams we’ve helped.

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Softbank Robotic’s business development team for Pepper was drowning in emails and spreadsheets. They wanted a better way to plan, track, and collaborate on projects. Backlog provided a flexible, low-cost solution to their project management needs while improving collaboration with partner companies.

“Before Backlog, information sharing was difficult. New project members experienced information gaps. After Backlog, people joining in the middle of a project could easily follow progress and get up to speed quicker.”

Atsuyuki Matsuda, Global Business Development Manager

Vanilla Air

Vanilla Air’s sales department was managing various promotional campaigns across multiple countries with limited software. It was difficult for team members to keep track of all of the information they needed. So they turned to Backlog, a tool that allowed them to organize and share information seamlessly across teams, departments, and countries. They were able to complete projects faster and deliver great products.

“When managing projects with Backlog, we communicate within issues, so it’s always clear what we’re talking about and who’s involved. This is much more efficient than email.”

Rie Ushijima, Sales group

Reesink Logistic Solutions

Reesink Logistic Solutions is a fast-growing company — in two years the number of employees grew from 30 to 120. Due to this growth, the company needed a tool to smoothly organize the daily workflow, manage projects, deliver results with tight deadlines, and increase work productivity overall. Backlog helped Reesink Logistic Solutions improve communication among teams, reduce meeting times, and easily track project progress.

“If you are managing multiple projects and teams, and you need to deliver great results on time for your clients, Backlog is the tool you need.”

Jacco Donders, Senior Mechanical Engineer


We feel honored to help teams of all kinds and sizes get the most out of their teams and do their best work.

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And we’ve enjoyed seeing how supportive and communicative teams that use Backlog can be.

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Thank you!

We’re proud of the hard work and commitment our internal teams demonstrate towards making a better product, but we’d be nowhere without the thousands of teams who choose to use Backlog every day. We want to send a big thank you to all of you. We look forward to bringing you more great tools and features in the coming year.

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