Take control of your Project Settings on Backlog for Android

Our latest updates on the Backlog for Android app gives users more control over project settings and enhanced issue creation features. Now you can:

  • Add, edit, and delete issue types from a project,
  • Assign/remove groups as members of a project,
  • Create new issues directly from the My Issues screen,
  • Create child issues directly from the issue detail screen, and
  • Reuse your last issue list filter.

Add, edit, and delete issue types

When you create a project, you have a few default issue types available, including Bug, Task, Request, and Other. But you aren’t limited to just these. You can customize your issue types by name and color. And now you can do this in the Android app under your Project Settings.


You can create a new issue type and select a background color.


You can edit an existing issue type.

And you can delete an issue type.

Assign groups as members

Under your Project Settings, you can also add groups as members of your project.


Just tap the ‘edit’ button, then select which groups you would like to add or remove.


Create new issues from the My Issues screen

Rather than having to navigate to a particular project, you can simply add an issue to any project directly from the My Issues screen.

Just tap the add (“+”) button, select a project, and proceed to create your new issue as usual.


Create child issues from the issue detail screen

You can also create child issues directly from your issue detail screen. When viewing an issue, simply click the “Add New” link under the “Sub-Tasks” section.


Reuse your last issue list filter

When you filter issues on your My Issues or Project Issues screen, the Backlog for Android app will now save your most recent filter and apply it when you next revisit that screen. Just hit “Clear” to start your filtering from scratch.


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