Try it now: Drag & drop to alter Gantt chart dates and search result columns

We have five new improvements to share for Backlog this week; namely, you can now:

  • Change start/due dates on Gantt charts with drag & drop
  • Rearrange search result columns with drag & drop
  • Preview issue links as Backlog cards by hovering over links
  • Use “NOT” and “OR” syntax for searches

Drag & drop with Gantt charts

Changing the start date and due date of issues is easier than ever. Simply view your project’s Gantt chart, drag the start or due date where you’d like it to be, and drop it.


Rearrange search result columns

When you perform an issue search, you can rearrange the resulting columns by dragging and dropping them in the order you choose. To reset your arrangement, go to the “View Options” button and hit “Reset rearranged columns.”

Backlog cards

When you hover on an issue link, you’ll now see a preview of the issue as a card. Backlog card

New syntax for search

You now have two new syntax options for searching:

  • NOT syntax. e.g. “request -site”
  • OR Syntax. e.g. “blue OR red”

Global search parameters

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