‘Groups’ are now called ‘Teams’ in Backlog

If you are one of the many Backlog users subscribed to more than one of our collaborative apps, you know that we have been doing a lot lately to create a more universalized user experience. To that end, we have decided to change the naming of ‘Groups’ to ‘Teams‘ within Backlog.

‘Groups’ become ‘Teams’

Aside from the name changing, the functionality is exactly the same. You can continue to use Teams just as you’ve been using Groups until now.

This change will go into effect as of December 18, 2018.

Group API’s become Team API’s

Along with this, we will replace the following Group APIs from Backlog API v2 with Team APIs. If you are using any of the following Group APIs, here are the Team APIs you can replace them with:

Group API Team API
Get List of Groups Get List of Teams
Add Group Add Team
Get Group Get Team
Update Group Update Team
Delete Group Delete Team
Get Project Group List Get Project Team List
Add Project Group Add Project Team
Delete Project Group Delete Project Team
Get Group Icon Get Team Icon

We hope this change isn’t a huge inconvenience for anyone, and if you need assistance with managing your Teams or Team APIs, please do contact us for help.

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