Manage integrations from Project Settings

We know that integrating other apps into your Backlog workflow is important, which is why we have an open API and a growing number of offered integrations. To make managing those integrations easy and accessible, we are releasing a new integrations tab under the Project Settings page.

Backlog’s new integrations page

Backlog currently integrates with Nulab’s other services, Cacoo and Typetalk, as well as iCal and your email. Plus, we offer ways to import your data into Backlog from Jira, Redmine, and cybozuLive.

Now, you can manage these integrations right from your Project Settings page.

As we create new integrations, you’ll find them listed here, ready to be controlled by you and your team.

There’s more to come

This integrations page is the beginning of a greater effort to start building more integrations for Backlog.

With more integrations, we hope to bring your team more convenience and greater power over your project workflow.

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