New option to require two-factor authentication for your space

Two-factor authentication is a great way to keep your Backlog data secure. Now, Administrators can require all space users to use this security step with our latest Access Control setting.

Enabling two-factor authentication for all users

To use this security option, you must have a Premium or Platinum level plan (this is not available for Classic plans).

If you’re an administrator in your Backlog account, you can enable the Two-Factor Authentication setting from the access control screen.

Force two-factor authentication

Once enabled, Force Two-Factor Authentication will apply to the following:

  • Access to space (Including access from mobile)
  • Access to File(WebDAV)
  • Access to Subversion
  • Access to Git via HTTP
  • Import to Milestone Calendar
  • Access to RSS

However, it will NOT apply to the following:

  • Access to Git via SSH
  • Access to API using API key
  • Import to Milestone Calendar using private address
  • Access to File(WebDAV), Subversion, Git via HTTP and RSS using Special Password

Important notice

If a user who previously disabled Two-Factor Authentication accesses Backlog on a Space where the administrator has now enabled the setting for all users, they will see a message informing them that Two-Factor Authentication is now required going forward.

After Two-Factor Authentication setting is enabled, you cannot use normal passwords for basic authentication when accessing by file, Subversion, Git (https), and RSS. Therefore, please be prepared to create a special password.

You can create a special password from “Personal Settings” → “Two-Factor Authentication”.


To enable Two-Factor Authentication, you can set it from “Access Control” → “Two-Factor Authentication”.

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