Self-hosting arrives with Backlog Enterprise!

If you’ve been wanting to self-host Backlog, we have good news for you: Today we release Backlog Enterprise!


With self-hosting, you and your developers can take full control of your Backlog space. Unlimited projects and unlimited file storage allow your team to manage business from beginning to end.


Enterprise users still get all the premium features Backlog has to offer for project and issue management, like Gantt charts, burndown charts, subtasking, and custom fields, along with the code review tools Git and Subversion.


Self-hosting means your team gets an active directory, unlimited access control, and a readily available access log.


To top it off, Enterprise subscribers still get full access to our support team to help you learn new things and solve problems via email, live chat, and 1:1 online training sessions. Plus, you get a dedicated customer success associate ready to step in whenever you need them.


Enterprise plans start at $1,200/year for 20 users—that’s just $60 per user per year!

If you aren’t sure if Enterprise is right for your team, you can download our 30-day trial at no cost.

How to

To install and run Backlog Enterprise, you’ll need two things:


With Backlog Enterprise, we’re giving companies the control they want over the product their teams need to produce great work. If you have any questions or just want to learn more about Backlog, feel free to contact us here.

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